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The RoverTown Network: Coupons with Super Powers

Think outside the dotted lines and experience what the RoverTown mobile coupon platform can do to send customers through your doors. Our GPS and iBeacon technology gives you the ability to target customers that have already shown interest in your business at the moment they're most likely to engage.

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Geo-fence Your Stores.

Your RoverTown for Business package includes a geo-fence around your store(s). When a RoverTown user is inside your geo-fence range, they receive highly relevant messaging about your business delivered direct to their smartphone via the RoveTown app.

Install RoverBeacons for enhanced data

Using iBeacon technology, RoverBeacons provide an extra layer of customer data for enhanced tracking of store visits, coupon redeems and more. RoverBeacons interact with all devices that have the RoverTown app installed and bluetooth enabled.

Automate Your Coupon Tracking.

RoverTown mobile coupons allow you to add custom quantity and time restrictions. This saves you time, helps prevent coupon abuse and makes your coupon expire automatically after you reach your goal.

Remind Nearby Customers

RoverTown users set reminders to use mobile coupons when they arrive at a business. When they are inside your geo-fence, your coupon takes over the screen to alert the user they can redeem your offer.

Integrate with Your POS.

Your RoverTown mobile coupons can integrate with your POS via a customizable coupon code. We support all types of UPC codes as well as QR and plain text promo codes. Just scan and finish checkout!

Automate Your Coupon Counting.

One of the greatest advantages to mobile coupons is never having to deal with a clearing house. RoverTown sends you weekly statements that show your automatically counted coupon redeems.