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RoverTown Welcome Kit
RoverBeacon and the RoverTown for Business Mobile App

What is a RoverBeacon?

A RoverBeacon is a tiny iBeacon device that broadcasts a low-energy Bluetooth signal, which automatically seeks and communicates with nearby devices that have the RoverTown app.

As your discounts are delivered to the nearby student customers, RoverBeacons are simultaneously capturing the metrics and user data that help you manage your RoverTown business account. Discount redemptions, in-store visits, and loyalty points are all tracked with incredible accuracy.

Adhesive-backed, battery-powered RoverBeacons can be placed just about anywhere to maximize your RoverTown partnership and increase your company’s returns!

RoverBeacon and the RoverTown for Business Mobile App

Standard 2-Beacon Setup

Main Door RoverBeacon

Main Entrance RoverBeacon

The RoverBeacon at your front door pushes notifications out to college customers who are walking by and tracks in-store visits.

Main Door RoverBeacon

Cash Register RoverBeacon

Another RoverBeacon is placed on or near your point of sale, verifying and measuring student discount redemptions.

Main Door RoverBeacon

Fast Set-up with the FREE App

The FREE RoverTown for Business mobile app lets you set up and manage your RoverBeacons and student discounts within minutes!

Additional RoverBeacon FAQ

What if my location needs more than 2 RoverBeacons?

If your store has multiple entrances, multiple cash registers, a drive-through, or any other special considerations, RoverTown can provide additional RoverBeacons to fit your needs.

What devices are compatible with RoverBeacons?

RoverBeacons interact with Android and iOS devices. Devices must have the RoverTown app installed to detect (and be detected by) RoverBeacons. Current software requirements: Android 4.3 Jellybean or later, Apple iOS7 or later.

Will RoverBeacons interfere with any of my other electronics?

No. RoverBeacons are FCC compliant and do not interfere with other electronic devices.

What’s the RoverBeacon range?

RoverBeacons are designed to have a signal range of 100 meters, which conserves battery life and increases data accuracy.

How long do RoverBeacon batteries last??

RoverBeacon batteries are rated for 12+ months of continuous usage, and can be easily replaced easily at any time in the event of a dead battery.

I’m having trouble setting up my RoverBeacon.

Call us up at (314) 495-9125 or email us at Our friendly and knowledgeable RoverTown representatives are happy to guide you through the installation process.

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