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What is RoverTown for Business?

RoverTown for Business is your mobile marketing toolkit for quickly attracting more student customers. You can log into your RoverTown business account from any computer or mobile device to create discounts, view analytics, reward loyal followers, get featured in email blasts and more. 

How do I add my discount to RoverTown?

We provide you a username and password to log into where you can edit your discount listing and view performance analytics. 

Does it cost money to add my business to RoverTown?

You can start with a FREE Account where you can list one student discount which will be immediately featured on our mobile app, mobile website, and desktop website. There is a one time online setup fee of $10. 

How do students hear/learn/know about the program?

RoverTown partners directly with the local colleges and universities and engages students with a weekly email offering campus life editorials and featured business discounts just like yours. Welcome kits are also provided to every active business with promotional materials to let students learn more about the free program. 

How many students currently have or use the Rovertown mobile app?

RoverTown is available to all actively enrolled students at your nearby college campus. Usage varies depending on the size of the campus. 

Is it really FREE? (How does RoverTown make money?)

Yes, it is totally FREE for your business to advertise your student discount through RoverTown. When a business finds success with their FREE listing, they often choose to upgrade to a premium (paid) RoverTown package in order to accelerate revenue growth. 

Where will students find my discount?

Students will primarily see your discount by downloading the FREE RoverTown app on any iPhone or Android device. Students can also view discounts on our mobile website. 

Can you add multiple discounts?

Any paid package will instantly give you the ability to add multiple discounts, track them against each, and see which perform better. On our FREE Program, you can list one discount on the RoverTown app. 

How long will my discount be listed on the program?

Your discount will be ongoing until you decide to swap it out for a different one. Make sure you are logging into and keeping your discount up to date! 

How do I change my existing discount?

The easiest way to change your existing discount is by logging in with your RoverTown credentials and clicking on the discounts tab. From here you will be able to add multiple discounts (if a paid client) or swap out your free listing. Your new discount will be live to students with the click of a button. 

What is a Welcome Kit?

The Welcome Kit is a quick start guide to all the solutions RoverTown has to offer. It is also the best way to make students aware that you are an active participant of the RoverTown program. 

What is included in a Welcome Kit?

Depending on the type of business you operate, the Welcome Kit will include the following items:

The promotional bone flyers and RoverBeacons are typically only included in Welcome Kits for premium RoverTown subscribers but can be requested by contacting the RoverTeam. 

How do I request additional Welcome Kit marketing materials?

Contact your Account Executive at (314) 499-9125 extension 1. 

Can I add my weekly specials?

Absolutely! Just login to and you can update your discounts as often as you want. 

What if my business does not offer student discounts?

That’s okay, we can add any special or promotion you currently offer. 

How can I contact RoverTown with any additional questions?

Call 314-499-9125 and one of our reps will be happy to assist you! 

How can I increase my exposure to students?

Maximize your ROI with our premium packages! To learn more visit or speak directly to one our our Account Executives at 314-499-9125 ext. 1