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Gain Customers with Automated Mobile Coupon Campaigns

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Marketing Toolkit for Businesses

RoverTown for Business is the only tool your business needs to target millennials and gain repeat customers. Publish mobile coupons anytime to instantly promote your business, unload extra inventory, increase traffic during non-peak hours, extend current campaigns and more!

With RoverTown mobile coupons, your marketing campaigns can be fully automated. No other platform comes close.

Mobile Coupon App for Students

The RoverTown Student Discount app connects your business with local colleges and universities. Using the app, students redeem mobile coupons in-store to get discounts on food, retail, nightlife and more!

RoverTown is a location-based mobile technology that has the power to drive customers through your doors using the latest geo-fence and iBeacon technology.

Students see your discount on RoverTown

RoverTown users see your mobile coupon on their smartphone.

Students visit your business

They visit your local store to redeem your exclusive offer.

Students redeem a mobile coupon at the register

Your mobile coupon is shown at checkout via the RoverTown app.

RoverTown mobile coupons are revolutionizing
how businesses interact with customers.

 Easy for customer to lose or leave at home  Always available via any iPhone or Android device
 Easy for customer to forget to use during checkout  Reminds customer to use when they are nearby
 Requires design & printing cost  Absolutely no design or production cost
 Paper intensive, environmentally unfriendly  Paperless, low environmental impact
 Requires lead time  Instant distribution with no annoying lead time
 Difficult to track mid-promotion  Automated real-time tracking and inventory control
 Potential coupon abuse or fraud  Built-in coupon abuse prevention
 Difficult to get accurate analytics  Real-time analytics with meaningful customer insights
 Once coupon is printed, it can't be changed  Update and optimize mobile coupons on the fly